AB Aussie Retaining Block Mt Barker
Aussie Bondi Blend MT BarkerAB Ausie Bondi Blend MT BarkerAB Aussie Verticle Charcoal MT BarkerAb Aussie Block Oatmeal MT BarkerAb Aussie block bondi blend MT BarkerRetaining Wall Block Oatmeal MT BarkerBondi with bullnose cap MT BarkerBondi Wall Drive MT BarkerAb Stepping Down MT BarkerAB Aussie Bondi Blend curved wallAb Aussie Sunstone MT BarkerAB Classic Retaining wall MT BarkerAB aussie OATMEALAllan Block wall and Stradapave pavingAb Aussie Streetscape Block MT BarkerAB Aussie Biscuit BlendFeature Area AB STEPS & WALL MT BarkerAB Aussie Block MT BarkerAB Aussie Block Bondi Blend Retaining Wall Steps Garden WallAB Aussie Block Bondi Blend Retaining Wall Garden WallAB Aussie Block Junior Sunstone Retaining Wall Garden WallAB Aussie Block Junior Sunstone Retaining Wall Garden WallAllan Block Corner LHSHORTAllan Block Junior Vertical MT BarkerAllan Block Corner LHSHORTBlock Corner MT BarkerShort Split CapAllan Block Retaining Wall PricesAllan Block Retaining Wall Mt BarkerRetaining Wall Allan Block Mt BarkerAb Aussie Block Retaining Wall Mt BarkerRetaining Walls AB Aussie Block Biscuit BlendAB Aussie Block Biscuit Blend Mt Barker


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  • Horizontal bevels frame block face
  • Premium split face surface texture
  • Specialty corner and block capping units

Suitable for

  • Build unreinforced walls to 800mm or higher with engineering advice
  • Set back retaining walls
  • Straight or curved retaining walls
  • Residential walls and garden steps
  • Commercial walls and landscaped areas
  • Near vertical retaining walls
Colour Range
Biscuit Blend
Biscuit Blend
Bondi Blend
Bondi Blend
Specifications Size (WxHxD) No. per m2 Weight per unit Units per pallet
AB Aussie Block Cap Short 216 x 80 x 245mm 4.6 11.6L/m 180 units
AB Aussie Block Cornerstone 400 x 200 x 196mm - 28.1kgs 50 units
AB Aussie Block 435 x 200 x 245mm 11.5 30.3kgs 40 units
AB Aussie Bullnose Cap 300 x 50 x 300mm 3.3L/m 9.6kgs 192 units