Granite Pavers and Tiles

APC provides top quality granite pavers, granite tiles and granite blocks. We have a wide range of granite stones in different varieties of colours, textures and styles.

You an also find a great range of Indian granite varieties at APC.

Amongst natural stone varieties, Granite is an igneous stone, which is naturally formed out of liquid magma after it gets hardened under extremely high pressures beneath the surface of the earth over thousands of years.


  • Granite paving imparts a premium, designer look to its surroundings. Despite its exclusive appeal, at APC you’ll find a great range of granite at really affordable prices.
  • We have a stunning collection of granite pavers, granite blocks and granite tiles. You can choose any colour, pattern, texture and shape that you like to suit your home or office.
  • No matter what you require in granite blocks and pavers, APC will help you find the best granite type to fulfil your practical and aesthetic needs.
  • Whether you prefer a traditional or more contemporary appearance, we will provide you with the best granite tiles and blocks to help you craft your preferred look.


  • Granite is extremely popular in domestic environments, commonly used for bench tops in kitchens and bathrooms.
  • Granite is also one of the most commonly used natural stones in construction because of its hardness, strength, texture, appearance and durability. It turns out to be a great solution in the long run for those who particularly need a material with the least maintenance.
  • Granite is a popular choice for wall claddings, as well as for paving high-traffic areas, such as driveways and walkways. Granite tiles and pavers are also well suited to pool surroundings.