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So much work to do, yet so little time! If you’ve ever pronounced similar words and revel in the do-it-yourself routine, then you probably can’t wait for the weekend to come round. However, the weekends are also limited in time and no matter how worked up you feel, you simply cannot complete all the projects you want.

To help you masterfully manage your time, here’s a rundown of 6 projects that can be done in a single weekend. Just make sure you start your work on time; you don’t want to find yourself in a slipping Sunday while there’s still a lot more to do!

1. Pot Your Plants: They’ll Love It

Who doesn’t enjoy livening up their environment with a colour, or indeed a feature plant? While the reasonable home for a plant would be a garden bed, your plants wouldn’t mind if you put them in a pot. Some of them actually prefer it that way! Just ask your Coreopsis Tinctoria or your Dracaena Marginata!

Potting your plants instead of gardening them is a lot easier, since all the material you’ll need can be managed more effectively. This material includes a few bags of potting mixture, a feature pot of your choice, and some mulch or colourful pebbles as a touch of décor.

Why stop to a single plant? Once you see how lovely a potted plant can be, you’ll want to expand on it, maybe even pot various different types of plants alongside each other. You can use plants of different colour, vary the size and decoration of the pots, or create a garden-like environment with a theme in mind. There’s really no shortage of possibilities here!

2. A Vegetable Garden Is a Good Choice

If your needs transcend the purely esthetic experience of potted plants, if you value eating healthy food, then consider planting a veggie garden. Think about it: not only will you have a lovely garden to enjoy, but you’ll also have the constancy of fresh groceries. There are not many weekend projects that boast of that!

If you’re a beginner however, don’t go for all those difficult-to-deal-with vegetables (and there are a few of those), but rather limit the garden bed to growing the likes of red tomato, radish, cucumber, mint, silver beat, leafy greens, or spring onions among others.

Not much is required to spring a veggie garden: a sunny soil, good soil mixture, decent tools, some mulch and heaps of good will!

3. Sealing the Pavers Will Be Worth It

Have you ever wondered about what is the easiest, the best value-for-money outdoor DIY project you can manage in a weekend? Sealing your pavement is one of those projects that can make a huge difference when properly done. Get hold of a pressure cleaner, a good cleaning solution, a bit of patience to let the pavers dry, and finally apply the paint. It doesn’t get much easier than that!

4. Oiling Your Deck Isn’t a Bad Idea

Another weekend project that can immediately boost the looks of your household is deck oiling. This one requires a proper evaluation of the current condition of your deck. If in a relatively good shape, then clean the deck with a water based, let it dry, and then finish it off by applying two coats of oil. That’s all!

However, if your deck is in a sorry state indeed, then it will require more work on your part, possibly breaking the weekend limit. Sanding, flattening, or board replacement can be a bit time-consuming. Just a tip here: make sure to do all these before cleaning and oiling. You don’t want to clean twice!

5. Consider Building a Retaining Wall

And we’re not talking about a big one here; up to 8 square metres is doable in a weekend.

Building a retaining wall is no small task. And with such not small tasks, there’s always something that goes wrong (like it or not). That’s why you should put all your planning skills to work, especially when it comes to the gear deliverance. Have it delivered to you until Thursday, leaving Friday if any problems occur!

6. The Paved Patio Looks So Much Better

Paving your patio is also a slightly bigger project, so don’t even attempt to pave the large chunks of it in a single weekend. Instead, limit yourself to about 6 square metres.

A lot will depend on the state of the patio (whether the ground is level, for instance) and once again, plan everything in advance!

Completing these 6 projects will see your garden utterly transformed. They’re not terribly difficult to finish (especially with a friend there to help) and will only take a weekend each! Therefore prepare, and start making some plans!