Mt Barker | Murray Bridge
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    Aesthetically pleasing yet functional! A retaining wall is not just a structure that retains or holds soil behind it. With the growing trend of landscaped outdoor spaces, retaining walls are becoming an integral part of outdoor spaces. Hardscaping the outdoor spaces not only adds value to the property, it also makes the area suitable for multiple uses. By adding elements like greenery, fire pits, waterfalls and others to outdoor spaces, it is possible to give a distinct feel to that area. Growing number of property owners are developing outdoor spaces as a natural extension of their home and maximizing their outdoor spaces.
    Maintaining a garden or yard is the best way to bring freshness to outdoor spaces. With retaining walls, it is possible to prevent soil erosion and maintain the cleanliness and appeal of the area. Garden walls also act as planters and provide the perfect border for the garden in the outdoor space. As there is a variety of wall blocks available in different colors, textures and designs, it is possible to build retaining and garden walls that enhance look of your yard. Versatility of these structures ensures that they add usable space to any landscape. So, whether you are developing a sloped driveway, yard or a flower bed, retaining walls can be easily used to complement the area. Due to their long lasting appeal and durability, they make a sound investment to your outdoor spaces. In fact, now-a-days, these surfaces are also being used to fill embankments and uneven space, and create edges on patios and outdoor surfaces.
    Ideas to integrate retaining and garden walls in your outdoor spaces are endless. Depending on your need and budget, you can choose between stone, concrete sleeper, Besser blocks or other blocks for garden or retaining walls. Retaining walls or garden walls can be easily customized to the suit the need, visual appeal and need of your landscape.
    Convert your yard into a beautiful and functional outdoor living space with retaining and garden walls!