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Backyards can provide a great area to extend your living space in a beautiful and functional way. If you’ve been hesitating to improve the functionality and appeal of your backyard because of time constraints and long-term cost, well, no need to worry as these ideas we’ve listed are fairly low-maintenance.

Our first tip is to go for hardscapes like stone, bricks and concrete instead of the softscape like trees, shrubs, and grass. If you want something that is beautiful yet easy to manage and will last for a long time, focusing on the hardscapes is a good idea. Just be sure to establish a solid foundation when you do decide to go this route so you can avoid any problems in the long run.

You can also create a nice hangout spot in your backyard where you, your family, and guests can just chill and enjoy each other’s company. You could have a cabana, a canopy, a patio, a rustic fire pit, a floating island outdoor deck, a hammock stand and, if you have kids, a sandbox for them to play in would also be a really cool idea.

But if you really love having plants in your backyard, there are some low-maintenance plants that you can consider. These will typically be plants that grow locally as these are the ones that will surely thrive in your weather conditions.

You should also consider xeriscaping or building a rock garden. This type of landscaping is very low-maintenance and reduces the need to constantly water your garden.

Artificial grass is also worth considering as they can enhance the overall look of your yard without the hassle of regularly watering and cutting your grass. Artificial grass can be used on pavers and there are also various designs available so you can freely customise the look of your backyard and be unique.

Adding features to your backyard like installing an automatic irrigation system will significantly help you avoid the demanding task of watering your plants and your lawn. You can just set it up and let it water your yard.

You may opt to not have a lawn in your backyard at all, though. The upkeep of lawns can be quite tedious. If you feel like you won’t be able to commit to maintaining it, it’s better not to have it in the first place.

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