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Ever wondered why some gardens look delightful and kept no matter how small they are? Don’t underestimate small spaces as they can be attractive compared to large gardens. Every space has potential and endless possibilities if you plan it thoroughly.

We have established creative ideas and approaches on how to revamp and redesign your small sized garden. The first thing to do is measure out your garden and know how much space you’re working on.

Before you start setting up the materials and tools you need for a new design, select a theme, and visualise it in your garden. Do you like a classic and elegant look? How about a chic and straightforward garden if you’re feeling feminine? A Japanese garden theme is an excellent option too.

If you can’t decide on a theme, you can try to visualise a colour scheme. Colours that you can mix and match and will compliment each other. Pick bright or neutral tones and remember to use textures.

It’s essential to bring a function or a purpose for your small space. Without a goal, you’ll get tired of your small garden quickly. Make it a hang out place, put a lounge chair where you can bring a few friends over for a cup of tea or coffee. If you’re a pet lover, create a pet playground for your furry friends.

Be mindful of the type of plants that you’re going to put in a small garden as they can be tricky around shrubs and vines. Make sure that they will thrive and flourish with all the other plants or entities around it.

Creating an illusion to make it look big and spacious can be an option with the help of mirrors, lights, and white painting. There’s a wide range of gorgeous furniture you can place that’s not only a feast to your eyes, but provide a practical purpose. Examples of functional pieces are stackable chairs, a storage bench, a colourful furniture piece that will stand out, or a murphy bar with stored beverages.

Utilising the wall spaces with shelves for potted plants or herbs is one way to maximise a small-sized garden. Have a tiered plant instead of placing them horizontally - it won’t take up too much space, and you can manage it effortlessly.

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