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Pavers are the best option in terms of cost, durability, and visual effect for constructing a paved driveway. There are different types of pavers you can use, dependent upon your driveway paving designs and paving patterns. You can mix and match pavers to create unique patterns and make your driveway stand apart. Driveway pavers add value to your home.

Here is a brief guide on paving ideas and how to pave your driveway.

Paving Designs

There are plenty of driveway pavers in Adelaide to choose from.  Best choice are Brick pavers, or concrete pavers for driveway paving.  Selecting a complimentary different colour border or line along your driveway is a great idea.

Prepare The Base

First you need to install a paving base. Mark the area to be paved and excavate the ground. You will need to excavate the ground between 100 and 150 mm. This base will be a compacted rubble material. Bedding or paving sand is then spread to a depth of approximately 30 mm over the compacted base.

Driveway pavers need to be a minimum of 50 mm deep.

Overall, the depth of the base, the thickness of sand layer and paver thickness will determine how much you need to excavate the ground. Excavate past the area to be paved an further 150 mm  to allow for the installation of edge restraints.

Lay The Base Material

To give rigidity and firmness to the excavated area, you need to fill it with base material, which is usually a mixture of hard crushed rock otherwise known as driveway rubble. Lay the base materials a 150 mm past the boundary marked for laying pavers to allow for the pavers to be supported on the edge & to accommodate the edge restraint.

Compact the base with a plate compactor. It should be compacted using 3 passes with the plate compactor. Bases that are up to 150 mm should be compacted in 100 mm layers for maximum compaction.

Install The Pavers

Lay the pavers on the bedding sand layer. Concentrate on laying the pavers straight with the bordering pavers and down the edge. Use string lines.

Seal Pavers And Fill The Gap

Clean and seal the pavers with pave set. Doing so will give durability and lower maintenance. Contact your local APC stockist of pavers for the sealing product.

A Paved Driveway Is Easy to Maintain

A paved driveway will give your property more appeal than a concrete driveway. It is easier for maintenance and it won’t crack like a poured concrete driveway.

If you don’t feel confident laying your driveway pavers Adelaide contact your local Australian Paving Centre at 1800 191 131 for paving contractors.