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Large Format Pavers

Pavers have been used throughout the ages and large format pavers represent an updated style to suit modern tastes.

Australian Paving Centre offers a huge collection of large format pavers.

Discover them in different sizes, styles, colours, textures, and finishes. We provide you with the best quality large format pavers to complementing your surroundings, whatever they may be.


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Large format paving suits indoor as well as outdoor areas; depending on your aesthetic and practical needs. No matter the size of the job, APC will provide you with the best suitable large format pavers to transform the your surroundings into a fresh new different style.

In smaller areas, large pavers offer a striking visual appearance; while in large spaces, they create a natural, open look.

Pathways, driveways, walkways, pool surrounds, steps, indoor corridors, and outdoor entertainment areas are commonly paved with large format pavers, reflecting their diverse applications.
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Large format pavers are a popular choice because they are:

  • Blend modern style and elegance
  •  Strong
  •  Slip resistant
  •  Salt safe
  •  Come in large range of styles
  •  Offer excellent value for money

If you want a natural, elegant, yet luxurious finishing to your surroundings, large format pavers are a perfect fit for you.

The standard colors available in this kind of pavers create an impressive look that any other pavers would hardly do! Success!

Browse our collection for choosing your favorite color and style!
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Available – Adelaide and South Australia.