Mt. Barker is located at the base of the Mount Barker Summit. Known fact, Mt. Barker is the largest and fastest-growing town in the Adelaide Hills. It also contains Adelaide’s most trusted supplier of Indoor Floor Tiles, Australian Paving Centre. There is simply no better place that offers the premium products to build a new home or update the one you already have.

Dive into an extensive collection of premium quality indoor tiles every time you come and visit our store which displays all hues and textures of suitable materials for your home’s surfaces.

Your only limit is your imagination! 

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Are You Starting a New Home Project?

It is such an exciting time to be ready for and finally starts your very own new home project. Whether it is to replace the bathroom or kitchen floor, you can always update the design and aim for a more modern look. But, where should you begin?

Deciding may be intimidating, we know.

You Have Arrived at the Perfect Solution

We are more than happy to help. Our passion is to bring your creative ideas to life. We really want you to enjoy living in it all day every day. 

The APC website is present to assist you through browsing a massive resource all at the touch of your fingerprint if you are unable to visit our store. Go through all sort of materials that you like, different colors and sizes you might prefer, and put it all together in the design of your dreams.

We Do More Than Just Sell

What is next? You can head out to our store and get the full VIP treatment! Directly see our available displays, feel and touch the textures, envision them in your homes and raise your comfort and quality of living.

Feel free to ask us regarding the best way of making your home renovation a success. We have deep knowledge regarding technicals and creative uses of all the products available at APC. We are more than happy to clear your hesitation and doubts with actionable and straightforward solutions.

We value you that much!