Coloured Easy Lock Block

Coloured Easy Lock Block is an exposed aggregate block face which is guaranteed to enhance your garden by adding form and texture.

This innovative retaining wall system features self-locating lugs which allow each unit to simply stack on top of each other, without the need for mortar or adhesives; making it a dream landscaping product for homeowners. They basically build themselves!

Coloured Easy Lock Block is a versatile block that can be used for retaining walls, garden walls, garden steps and more. These concrete building blocks come in a range of neutral colours and feature a smooth, flat surface and texture.

APC has a wide range of products that are offered in a number of colours, textures and sizes. Visit your local APC store in SA for our experienced staff to best advise you on the right products for your home!


  • Lightweight and easy to install
  • Pure vertical wall which saves space
  • Patented lugs and joints makes installation easy
  • Maximum nonreinforced walls to 600mm in height
  • Maximum engineered walls up to 1200mm in height
  • Smooth, flat surface texture

Suitable for

  • Vertical retaining walls
  • Straight garden walls
  • Garden steps
  • Residential walls and retaining walls
  • Planter boxes and vegetable patches
  • Build your own unreinforced walls to 600mm or higher with engineering

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Colour Range

Colours swatches and finish are a guide only and may present differently online. Please obtain the latest product samples before ordering by contacting your local store.



Specifications Size No. per m2 Weight per m2 m2 per pallet
Coloured Easy Lock Block 398 x 198 x 190mm 12.5 12.83kgs 90
Coloured Easy Lock Block Full End 390 x 198 x 190mm 12.5 12.06kgs 90
Coloured Easy Lock Block Half End 190 x 198 x 190mm 12.5 6.7kgs 180
Standard 400 x 200 x 190mm 12.5 16.4kgs 72
Corners (Left & Right) 400 x 200 x 190mm 12.5 16.4kgs 72
Caps (Haven Slab) 400 x 200 x 40mm 12.5 7 kgs 216