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Paving Sealers

Sealing pavers can help protect pavers from the damage it faces from weathering, grime, mould, dirt, oil and other substances like red wine!

Paver sealers aid in repelling particles that may stain paving surfaces.

Certain penetrating paver sealers may also help to prevent and eliminate corrosion or salt attacks.

However, sealers are not only used because of its durability – it also has appearance enhancing benefits in colour, texture and design.

The colours of pavers & its surface textures can also be enhanced using some sealers, whilst other sealers offer a natural unaltered appearance to your paver.

The natural penetrating sealers will only be detectable once you pour liquid on to the surface of the paver, where you’ll then see water beading on its surface.

For this natural type of sealer that does not alter the appearance of the paver, we recommend Cementaide Driwal P6*, a silicon based penetrative sealer suitable for the long-term protection of clay pavers, wire cut bricks, concrete pavers, sandstone, Travertine, Mt Gambier Stone and W.A Limestone.

At APC, we strongly recommend Driwal P6* for our block wall systems. This sealer is easily applied with general household garden sprayers and will help to eliminate fungi, mould and stop general weathering and staining of the walling blocks.

Other paver sealers offer blends of penetrating sealants that work its way in to the substrate of the paver, whilst also leaving a light acrylic surface coat that help to enhance the colour of the paver product, and gives a slight sheen and satin-like appearance to the paver.

This type of sealer seems to be the most popular from our experience, as this sealer type tends to make it a bit easier to clean your entertainment area.

The product we recommend in this instance is Cementaide Silicon S50. This is an excellent product consisting of a 50/50 mix of silicon based Driwal P6* and a gloss look acrylic based sealer named LB9, again another Cementaide product.

Silicon S50 gives a long-term protection to pressed and wire cut bricks, concrete pavers, concrete walling and retaining wall block, sandstone, Mt Gambier stone and terracotta or cement tiles.

The LB9 sealer is the type of paver sealer that coats the top of the paver as a penetrating surface coat. It usually has a thicker, glossier finish, which repels staining, weathering, dirt oil & grease.

The LB9 certainly makes cleaning of pavers with a blower vac or hosing down easier!

It enhances the paver product colours and gives a wet appearance. It also assists in removing the effects of efflorescence.

We recommend this paver sealer to be used on pavers in driveways, around your paths & in your entertainment area.

It also looks fantastic on our new range of exposed aggregate pavers!

LB9 is an acrylic resin in a penetrating solvent and contains no silicon.

Acrylic sealers are easy to apply and are reputable for its cost effectiveness. It has high UV repellence and helps in enduring the colour of pavers.

It provides long term protection for brickwork, pavers, roof tiles and concrete where you require a long-lasting gloss finish.

Paving sealers are particularly popular around pool pavers that are exposed to salt chlorinated chemicals – however, it is vital to use the right pool sealer for the pavers you have selected!

Sealing pavers is also a great solution in having your old, weathered, existing paving restored and looking beautiful!

Visit your local APC store to ascertain the best & most suitable sealer for your paver.

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